The Lakes


  • Surface Area : Main Lake 585 Acres
  • With Backwaters 774 Acres
  • Max Depth : 52 feet
  • Average Depth : 12 feet
  • Main Forage : Shad, Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, Bullhead and Carp
  • Accessibility : State owned public access with ramp on channel between backwater lake and Webster off Backwater rd in North Webster

Located in Kosciusko county, Webster Lake is Indiana’s Brood stock & Premier Musky Lake. The DNR says that there is an average of 6 adult fish per acre with the average length at around 38″. That can make for an awesome day on the water with several follows and hook ups this is usually a good action lake. It is also a great Crappie and Bass fishery. we usually catch a few Bass every year around 5lbs. The DNR is currently doing a PIT tag study that Webster Lake Guide service is participating in.


  • Surface Area :
    • Tippecanoe 768 Acres
    • James Lake 282 Acres
  • Max Depth : 
    • Tippecanoe 122 feet
    • James Lake 63 feet
  • Average Depth : 
    • Tippecanoe 37 feet
    • James Lake 27 feet
  • Main Forage : Shad, Bluegill, Perch, White Bass, Catfish and Crappie
  • Accessibility : State owned public access with ramp on Grassy Creek inlet on Armstrong Road.

Tippecanoe chain is 3 interconnected lakes James, Tippecanoe, and Oswego. James lake holds the last 2 state record Muskies the current is 42lb 8oz. Oswego is where the Tippy River starts. The chain has the potential to hold several State records (Pike, Gar, Muskie, Bass etc) Tippy can be hard to fish because of the steep deep break lines. The Public access can be a little tough to use also but there are 3 Pay ramps on the lake the easiest one would be Pie eyed Petey’s off of Armstrong road.


  • Surface Area :
    • Total Acres 850 Acres
    • Banning : 12 Acres
    • Irish : 182 Acres
    • Sawmill : 36 Acres
    • Sechrist : 105 Acres
    • Little Barbee : 74 Acres
    • Big Barbee : 304 Acres
    • Kuhn : 137 Acres
  • Max Depth
    • Banning : 16 feet
    • Irish : 35 feet
    • Sawmill : 26 feet
    • Sechrist : 59 feet
    • Little Barbee : 26 feet
    • Big Barbee : 45 feet
    • Kuhn : 28 feet
  • Main Forage : Shad, White suckers, Bluegill, Perch and Yellow Bullhead
  • Accessibility : State owned public access with ramp on Kuhn Lake; also public access with ramp on Grassy Creek, below Sawmill Lake.

The Barbee Chain will be the next Webster some day.  It has 7 interconnected Lakes that all have mid lake humps, Channels with current and awesome Native weeds.  It has the diversity of Clear and stained water. The Muskies seem to be a little heavier on the chain than Webster. Our average length is closer to 40″ here.  The Public access is located conveniently off of HWY 13 Just North of Number 1 stop bait and tackle. This lake can be a good hiding place for fisherman during the summer months because Big Barbee is the only lake that doesn’t have a 10mph speed limit.